Heal, fitness, feasting


For healing, for getting in shape

The thermal spa and fitness centre will sort your health and well-being. Head for the 160 m of underground galleries of the vaporarium (natural steam bath unique in Europe with temperatures ranging from 38° 42° and hygrometrics close to 100%, the walls filtering sulphured water) to relax, eliminate toxins, and enjoy the calm in the thermal pool at 34° complete with bubble beds, ordinary and goose neck water jets. You will also enjoy a water jet shower, hydro massage bath, massage, mud or other body treatment.

The Thermes, the thermal spas known for their beneficial effect on respiratory and joint afflictions were already popular with the Roman legions. Sulphured water at temperatures between 65 and 74° is what makes this therapy so beneficial.

For eating well

Tickle your palate at the many and varied restaurants waiting to welcome you in the mountains and in the valley; you will enjoy discovering great little regional dishes. Specialties include pétéram (slow-cooked tripe) and pistache (rib and breast of stuffed mutton, “pistache” beans stewed an entire day).

You will also enjoy the lively market or visiting with local producers of cheese, mountain honey, diet chocolate... or breeders of organic trout - so much and more, and with our excellent mineral water right from the tap.

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