Visit, play, read, learn


For visiting

Numerous itineraries permit you to discover magnificent sites by car: the Hospice de France, the Vallée du Lys and the Cascade d'Enfer; Granges d’Astau (starting point for a trek to the Lac d’Oo), the Vallée du Larboust and the Vallée d’Oueil (Romanesque churches with very beautiful 15th-century frescoes and Paleolithic graves), the Superbagnères and Peyragudes ski resorts and the zoo (11 km) :

For reading, for learning

You will find what you're looking for at the library, in the museums, at the chess clubs... that will open their doors to you. You can also take a guided tour to know everything about 19th-century houses in Luchon (some had quite famous people within their walls), about the hydroelectric plant or the chocolate factory.

For playing, laughing, dancing

Try a visit to the casino to play, dance or even attend the show in its little retro theatre; dance in the discotheques, enjoy the cinema, or a village festival with Pyrenees songs and dances; attend a rock festival, or horse competition or go to a dog race without forgetting the famous flower festival.

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